Michelle Cazzola Captures The Heart Of James Yap

James Yap turned 32 on Feb. 15, a day after her former wife Kris Aquino celebrates her birthday.

Yap’s girlfriend, Michela Cazzola is the beautiful and sexy Italian who captures the heart of the San Mig Coffee gunslinger.

The couple can be described as two right people meeting at the right time, two peas in a pod, perfect pair and opposite people attract each other.

Cazzola is outgoing and outspoken while Yap is reserved and a man of few words.

Michela is a Diplomatic Studies graduate from a university in Italy and has been working with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for five years.

She said that she studied Law but she quit when she found it boring.

She is a charming lady who can win anybody’s heart, at first meeting because she is sweet, engaging, friendly, with no hang-ups, very connecting and genuinely sincere.

She laughs a lot and looks at straight in the eye during a conversation and she is also simple in her ways, very much like James who is self-effacing.

Meanwhile, Yap is a Filipino professional basketball player who currently plays for the San Mig Super Coffee Mixers in the Philippine Basketball Association.

James married Kris Aquino in 2005 but after five years of marriage, Aquino confirmed that they are already separating.

In February 2012, a local court annulled their marriage.