Deniece Cornejo Will Not Be Extended Support

Gabriela, the women’s group will not be extending any support to alleged rape victim Deniece Cornejo.

Gabriela said Cornejo’s camp has yet to approach their group to ask for any kind of support regarding the criminal case she lodged against TV host Vhong Navarro.

The group would still have to evaluate the situation and it is keeping its hand off in Cornejo’s case.

As a policy, the organization cannot release any statement unless they have the first hand knowledge of the case.

When asked if Gabriela would give support to Cornejo if she asks for it, they will cross the bridge when they get there.

Meanwhile, another women’s group, ‘Tanggol Bayi’ would not also touch Cornejo’s case.

They said that Cornejo and all those involved have the means to get lawyers to defend them in the event when the case goes to court.

They have all the resources at their disposal to defend themselves before the public and the courts.

The group will rather focus our support on the plight of disadvantaged women, those who have less in life and those who were rendered voiceless in the legal system and in society because they are the ones who deserve their unequivocal support.