Jennylyn Mercado’s Son Enjoys The Work in Showbiz

Some people think that Jennylyn Mercado would be happy to have his son Alex Jazz enter the same industry she is in.

But things appear to be the opposite because when Mercado is recently asked if she would like her son with Patrick Garcia to enter showbiz too, she is firm in saying that she does not allow her son to enter showbiz and it surprises everybody.

This was during the interview at the sidelines of the ‘Anak Ko ‘Yan’ pictorial last year.

Mercado would rather let her son get to enjoy being a normal kid than have him enter the hectic and sometimes dangerous world of show business.

Besides, her priority for her son at the moment is his studies.

She would agree to some pictorials at the moment and her son has done some print ads and a milk commercial.

But that is may be the extent of his work for now and when it comes to showbiz, it is definitely not for him, although Alex Jazz enjoyed the work and even got things right, Jennylyn said.

The actress does not also take Alex Jazz with her when she has work.

It is because of the nature of taping which may sometimes be confusing for her son’s age.