Sarah Geronimo’s Mother Tells Her To Stop Seeing Rumored Boyfriend

Sarah Geronimo has allegedly cut her hair short.

It is a form or rebellion against her Mommy Divine.

Geronimo did not like it when her mom told her to stop seeing rumored boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli.

Sarah and Matteo’s alleged relationship is now on the rocks because of her mother’s unlikely intervention.

Mommy Divine has always been blamed for all the failed romantic relationships of her daughter.

In showbiz industry, everybody knows that Mommy Divine is a strict mother.

She does not approve of any guy to be her daughter’s boyfriend because her mom allegedly wants Sarah to concentrate on her career first.

In the past, she was the main reason why Sarah’s former boyfriends broke up with her.

Those include Rayver Cruz and Gerald Anderson.

Matteo was rumored to be the only suitor that Mommy Divine approved of.

Furthermore, it is also a puzzle why Mommy Divine would try to pull her daughter away from him.

Mommy Divine does not intend the relationship to end and she has just advised Sarah and Matteo to stop seeing each other for a while because ABS-CBN is cooking up a new project for Sarah and Coco Martin.

Her mother told the couple that the renewed tandem of Sarah and Coco might be affected if news would continue to circulate that Sarah and Matteo are seeing each other.

It reportedly made Sarah angry and until now, she still does not talk to her mom and allegedly cut her hair short, as form of protest.

It can be recalled that this is not the first time that such rumor spread about Sarah.

She also reportedly cut her hair short when Rayver broke up with her because of her mom, some years ago.