Tweetie de Leon is 50 but Does not Look Her Age at All

Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez is known as one of the most beautiful faces in fashion, showbiz and entertainment.

Teetie has successfully maintained her youthful looks and healthy glow.

She is the current endorser of Organic Acai Berry, the wonder drink.

Tweetie is now 50 years old but she does not look her age at all.

She swears by the rejuvenating effects of the product.

Tweetie was six years in the show, ‘Okay Ka, Fairy Ko’. It filled her memory bank with unforgettable moments.

She said that it was always joke time on the set. They had be giggling privately because of the jokes they cracked before they taped the scenes.

Why didn’t you join Bb. Pilipinas when you were at the peak of your modeling career?

It never really occurred to her to join Bb. Pilipinas when she was at the peak of her modeling career bcause the body type for beauty pageant candidates and models are not the same.

Models must be lean, while beauty queens are usually voluptuous and curvy, Tweetie explained.

She was also a product of a modeling competition.

Things just got tougher and more complicated these days with the onset of social media and the popularity of reality shows.

One cannot seem to keep your privacy any longer and she cannot imagine it being easy for the contestants.

There are three pieces of clothing she cannot live without? A white top, a black shift (dress) and a jacket or sweater, because she’s always cold no matter where she is.

Her jewelry shop is called TdLG, located at the Garden Wing of Alabang Town Center.

It is her little pride and joy, where she showcases her creative ideas, fashion style and taste. If you drop by her shop, you’ll get a glimpse of who she truly is.

How Tweetie’s marriage work? She and Mon see each other as equals.

They have tremendous respect for each other.

In their 22 years of marriage, they have remained kind to each other and mindful of the other’s feelings, time, wants and needs.

They’re pretty affectionate which, she believes, adds to their emotional connection with each other.

What are you most proud of? Her kids and her marriage.

She probably would have taken fine arts in college, if she could turn back time, she said.

At 50, the possibilities that still excite her when she gets up in the morning are new hobbies, designing and creating, seeing friends, and hanging out with her family excites her.

Known as one of the most beautiful faces in fashion and entertainment, 49-year-old Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez has successfully maintained her youthful looks and healthy glow.

De Leon-Gonzalez shared her top five wellness secrets as she continues to live in a fuss free and simple life.

1. Taking daily greens.

2. Sun protection

3. Staying active

4. Stress-free living

5. Balance in everything