Are Joshua Garcia & Julia Barreto in a Relationship?

Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia are teaming up again for another big project.

This was after the success of their ‘Vince & Kath & James,’

In an interview, Garcia confirmed that he and Barretto will star in another movie but he did not give details about the follow-up project.

Garcia also said that pursuing Barretto in real life has not crossed his mind yet and with all the blessings that come their way, he wants to focus on the projects.

Meanwhile, Barretto appreciates how Garcia values the close friendship that they have built.

According to Star Cinema’s ‘Vince & Kath & James’ management, it earned P123 million worldwide during its entire theatrical run.

The movie also stars Ronnie Alonte.

Joshua and Julia, more popularly known as ‘JoshLia’ looks like a perfect couple together, but are they in a relationship?

Nobody knows this time because the two have not admitted anything except that they are good friends.

But in a video on Instagram during the break of ‘Magandang Buhay’, it seems the two are somewhere in between more than friends but less than lovers kind of thing.

Last week, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto took social media by storm after a video of them slow dancing while wrapped in each other’s arms made the rounds online.

Several days after, the two seemed to be at a loss for words when directly asked by the media to share how they ended up slow dancing.

According to the actor, he just wanted to make Barretto feel special that night because she was too busy entertaining her guests.

If they are going to label their relationship now, Garcia said best friends would be the most appropriate.

Barretto, on the other hand, said they are just protecting their friendship and working relationship because they will certainly work on more future projects together.

The two of them waited for this time to come. They are enjoying it together. It’s nice that they are sharing a lot of achievements with someone.

The two, along with Ronnie Alonte, were the stars of ‘Vince & Kath & James,’ the highest grossing film in last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

They were also paired for an episode of ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya.’