Everyone Online Talks About Vice Ganda & Ronnie Alonte after Vice Reveals He’s Inspired by Someone

Ronnie Alonte said that a lot of Filipinos still think so negatively about gay people.

Alonte is now being romantically linked to Vice Ganda but
the actor-dancer insisted that there is nothing going on between him and the host of ‘It’s Showtime.’

Ronnie said that people are so judgmental when it comes to those who are gay or bisexual, especially to comedians like Vice.

He told reporters at the launch of Penshoppe’s #ClubPenshoppePH campaign, that if you are seen hanging with gay people, you are already dating them.

He learns a lot from Vice in terms of how to deal with bashers and vicious rumors in show biz and also gets advice from co-hosts Vhong Navarro and Billy Crawford, Ronnie said.

They said that having bashers is a sign that people are starting to take interest in you.

Ronnie said he used to get affected by the negative comments about him in social media but he has eventually learned to laugh them off.

Aside from ‘It’s Showtime,’ Ronnie is also in the cast of the series, ‘A Love to Last,’ where he plays struggling student Christopher or Tupe.

His first two projects were offered to him and he didn’t want to turn them down but he did his best.

It’s too bad he got negative reviews for them, so he promised to do better next time.

He’s happy he’s getting good feedback for the series and he’s working hard to get better.

Meanwhile, Vice Ganda speaks up about his relationship with Alonte.

Vice says he and Ronnie are just friends.

Vice finally broke his silence after he was being linked to Ronnie, who is allegedly his boyfriend, made the rounds online.

Vice said that people get malicious thought when they see a gay man and a straight one, having a close relationship.

Everyone online now talks about him after he revealed that he’s inspired by someone.

Netizens went crazy and asked for more details about Vice but
before the rumors get worse, the famous comedian clarified that he and the hashtag member are just friends.