Jose Calida Will Have the Proper Case to be Filed Against Antonio Trillanes

Solicitor General Jose Calida will prepare charges against Antonio Trillanes for coddling ‘Davao Death Squad’ criminals.

Calida is bent on filing charges against Trillanes IV for allegedly coddling members of the ‘Davao Death Squad’ who have linked President Rodrigo Duterte to extrajudicial killings in Davao City.

In a press conference last February 27, Calida pointed to Trillanes’ legal accountability for allegedly giving protection to retired policeman Arturo Lascañas and confessed hitman Edgar Matobato.

Why Trillanes is coddling this self-confessed criminal? As senator, he should be for the administration of justice, the solicitor general said.

Lascañas confessed to have killed his two brothers. Why is Trillanes also coddling, hiding and providing security for Edgar Matobato, a confessed criminal? Is this the job of the senator,? Calida asked.

However, Calida said he will not be filing the charges soon but he should be given more time and he will have the proper case to be filed against Trillanes.

Lascañas denied before the inquiry of the Senate justice committee last October Matobato’s claims about the existence of the vigilante group and Duterte’s role in its alleged killing spree when Duterte was still the mayor of Davao City.

Nevertheless, the retired policemen made a complete turnaround last week when he admitted that the DDS existed and that Duterte ordered its members to kill certain personalities.

Lascañas said he decided to tell everything about Duterte’s supposed involvement in vigilante killings because he was stricken by his conscience.

Calida played down the testimony of Lascañas, whom he described as a ‘perjurer.’

Calida also said questioned the mental fitness of Trillanes for claiming that Duterte is out to kill him. Trillanes should see a shrink (psychotherapist), Calida said.

Trillanes has accused Duterte of several things, from amassing billions of pesos in ill-gotten wealth, abetting extrajudicial killings in the government’s war on drugs to persecuting political foes.

Recently, the senator said in a television interview, that no less than Duterte hatched a plan to assassinate him, citing Lascañas’ statement.

Trillanes said road accident was among the methods being looked at in the kill plot.