It’s Possible that Jasmine Curtis-Smith Will Be In Love With a Girl

Would Jasmine Curtis-Smith fall in love with a girl?

Jasmine said that love should have no restrictions.

Jasmine visited the set of ‘Tonight with Boy Abunda’ to promote her movie, ‘Baka Bukas,’ where she plays the role of a woman who fell in love with her female childhood friend.

The young actress was asked if she would fall in love with a girl. She does not think there is a restriction for her to fall in love with anyone, she said.

She really gets to know the person as who they are. It just so happens that she’s into straight guys but if it were any different, she thinks it’s so possible and she has never shut her door on any type of possibilities, she added.

Jasmine is a Filipino Australian actress, dancer, endorser, writer, and TV host. She is the younger sister of fellow actress and ABS-CBN contract artist Anne Curtis.