Pia Guanio Reveals She’s Pregnant with 2nd Child

Pia Guanio confirms second pregnancy with sonogram post o February 20.

Pia Guanio would be the first to say that she never imagined herself becoming a mom.

Pia have been in the limelight for a good decade,as mainstay host of noontime show ‘Eat Bulaga!,’ and entertainment anchor of news program ’24 Oras’.

She is the epitome of the career-driven woman who won’t let her personal life unhinge her concentration.

Despite rumors of dates and heartbreaks while she was still single, Guanio would betray nothing before the camera, maintaining a refreshing and easygoing attitude with her chinita eyes perpetually twinkling.

Some people still find it hard to reconcile Guanio, the youthful TV personality, with the same person as a mother who carries a baby in her arms.

‘When she shows them pictures of her daughter, they’re just totally shocked out of their minds,’ Pia says.

On Aug. 31, 2012, Guanio gave birth to their baby, Scarlet Jenine via Caesarean section.

The baby weighed 7.8 pounds and measuring 20 inches, the firstborn of Guanio and husband Steeve. The baby erased all the couple’s fears of parenthood and awakened in them a love bound by flesh and blood.

Scarlet Jenine was named using her father’s initials, from his full given name Steeve James.Their daughter now is 5 years old.

Coming to motherhood quite late, Pia Guanio has embraced the role and wants to be a good parent to Scarlet Jenine.

Actually, the couple weren’t too keen on having a baby so soon after getting married on Oct. 1, 2011.

After a whirlwind courtship and wedding, they wanted to slide into the roles of husband and wife: building a house; doing things together; traveling the world.

They even hoped to bring their family and close friends to a seaside town in southern Italy, the following year to mark their first anniversary but one month after the wedding, Guanio got pregnant.