Erich Gonzales & Daniel Matsunaga Meet to Discuss the Issue Regarding Their Split

After everything that has happened, Erich Gonzales said she is not yet open to being friends with Matsunaga again.

However Erich and Daniel meet again weeks after their breakup.

The two have a meeting at the Star Magic office.

Money has nothing to do with the decision of the actress and model-actor Daniel to end their two-year relationship.

This is confirmed by the former couple’s management Star Magic said in a statement today.

Star Magic released a statement to ABS-CBN News confirming that Gonzalez and Matsunaga have met to discuss the issues involving their split.

The two also asked the public to give them a chance to patch things up privately.

A week ago, Gonzales opened up about her breakup with Matsunaga.

She stressed that there was no third party involved but did not confirm nor deny speculations that finances had something to do with their split.

This prompted Matsunaga’s sister Vanessa to ask her to clarify rumors about money problems between the two.