Eugene Domingo has no Plans to Settle Down But Keen to Fall in Love

Barely a year ago, Eugen Domingo revealed that she has no plan to settle down or have kids, but keen to fall in love.

Eugene said that she is contented with her professional and private life.

She cares for someone and she is not yet in love on a romantic level but really inspired.

She now understands how to care and to look forward to someone and to seeing someone.

With her stature in the industry, Domingo admitted that it is difficult to find someone who is not intimidated of her job or personality.

The actress said she’s more open now when it comes to falling in love even if it will sometimes lead to heartbreak.

She should give herself a chance to realize and to give in to the feeling.

when asked about kids and marriage, she said no to both but Domingo said it would be ‘selfish’ to have children at her age.

That’s being too selfish because she’s already 44.

Amid having no kids or not being married at 44, the seasoned actress reiterated that she regrets nothing.

Domingo said she is happy that she prioritized her career because she is living the life she dreams of.

Moreover, Cupid has better plans for Uge because she crossed paths with a 56-year-old Italian, Danilo Bottoni, at the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy.

Eugene went there when her movie, ‘Barber’s Tales,’ was featured in a Film Festival abroad. Danilo works for a software company and writes movie reviews for linkinmovies.

Uge becomes ‘weak at the knees’ when she is with Danilo.

They have such a soothing effect on each other and love could not have found a more deserving couple.

Danilo was her festival crush and up to now, she is still falling for him every day.