Financial Trouble is the Big Factor in Erich Gonzales & Daniel Matsunaga’s Break-up?

Vanessa Matsunaga, the sister of Daniel Matsuga, posted in her Instagram account.

Vanessa said that she honestly wishes Erich Gonzales had addressed the money issue in her brother and Erich’s break-up.

She said that she is really sorry to send Erich a message because her brother asked their family, friends and fans to keep quiet and not fight back or even reply to any comments, but the truth is she cannot keep quiet when people are invading her privacy asking them if they owe money from Erich and saying that the actress is spending on them.

Vanessa knows Erich answered the interview with the best of her ability, She also understands it’s hard to answer too many questions but Vanessa honestly wishes Erich had addressed the money issue.

Daniel & Erich don’t owe an explanation to anyone and she knows both of them are hurting and want privacy right now.

She said that Erich should look back at the good times and to remember that Erich was with the family of Daniel for two years and that Erich was included in every family plan, trips, weddings.

Daniel’s family took care of the actress and took in consideration her preferences and watched over her.

Vanessa also said she did not measure what they did for each other because it is love and it comes with it naturally.

Vanessa is only sad to see people defaming not only Erich and her brother but also their mom and family.

Daniel also said that it was never about money like what a lot of people are thinking right hours after Gonzales revealed to the media that their relationship had come to an end.

Rumors about their split first surfaced after Gonzales deleted all of her photos with him from her Instagram account.

Their decision to not directly address their love troubles paved the way for more speculation, with some claiming that financial troubles were a factor.

There were also suggestions that a third party was involved, but both Gonzalez and Matsunaga have repeatedly denied that speculation.

In his interview, Matsunaga again refused to detail his breakup with his leading lady.

He only said that he is leaving everything to God at this point.

The actor, who rose to fame after he won ‘Pinoy Big Brother: All In,’ was in relationship with Gonzales since 2015.

The two have starred in the hit TV series ‘Be My Lady,’ which concluded after nearly a year on air.