The Court Finds No Reason to Void Jodi Sta. Maria & Pampi Lacson’s Marriage

The Court of Appeals does not approve Jodi Sta. Maria’s Motion For Reconsideration, asking the court to reverse itself on an earlier judgment that said that her marriage was valid.

The Court said that there is no reason to nullify Jodi and Pampi Lacson’s marriage because it saw no sufficient reason to reverse its intial decision.

The Constitution recognizes the sanctity of marriage and the unity of the family, and that, the marriage of Jodi and Pampi remained inviolable.

In addition, the court observed that there was no sufficient proof that Jodi and Pampi were psychologically incapacitated to fulfill their marital obligations.

Jodi and Pampi have been separated since March 2011.

Pampi’s current partner now is Iwa Moto.

Iwa alleged that it was in fact Jodi who cheated on Pampi some years ago when the latter had an affair with Mickey Ablan, Iwa’s boyfriend at that time.

The former GMA talent said she confronted Jodi right after she discovered the affair between her and Mickey.

Although Mickey admitted it to Iwa, she said Jodi did not.

Iwa said she also called Pampi on the phone to tell her about the affair and she discovered that it was not a secret to him, either.

Iwa cited Jodi’s own silence about the reason why her marriage to Pampi ended in a separation.

Iwa confirmed that she had nothing to do with the breakdown of the Jodi-Pampi marriage and that she and Pampi only became an item after what happened.