Boy Asistio Is in Critical Condition After Cardiac Arrest

Actress Nadia Montenegro and her family took to social media to ask for prayers for her partner.

Macario ‘Boy’ Asistio is in critical condition and is currently confined at a private hospital in Quezon City.

The 80-year-old Asistio, a former Caloocan City Mayor, was rushed to the hospital last Wednesday, February 1, following a cardiac arrest.

He has since slipped into coma, said Arnel Serrato in an article for

On Instagram, Nadia and daughter Ynna have asked for prayers for Asistio.

Ynna said that the only thing she’s holding on to right now is her faith in God. She knows that God can make impossible things possible and it is only Him who can make a miracle.

Nadia’s other daughter, Alyanna also said that it feels so weird sleeping there in the hospital not having his father in the same room not being able to check on him not being able to hug him, kiss him anytime since he is isolated in a different room.

Things are slowly sinking in and all she can do is pray for him because she knows its the most powerful think that can heal him and that she can do, the young actress added

Nadia also shared a photo of their ‘prayer warriors’ which include members of the family.

‘The BEST life can give you…are siblings you can hold on to in times you need someone to hang on to. Thank you Lord for this bunch of prayer warriors of Boy!’ she said.

Meanwhile, Nadia’s other daughter Alyanna, said she already misses her dad and urged him to ‘keep holding on’.

His father gave her the greatest gift anyone could ever give, he believed in her, she wrote.