Maxine Medina’s Answer to the Q&A Portion Ends Her Journey to the Miss Universe Pageant

Maxine Medina tried hard to make it to the final three, according to the game plan.

Maxine was in her best form during the preliminary competition.

She was surrounded with big applause in all all her appearances on stage, she was pumped to present herself even more convincingly in front of the judges.

How could Medina win the crown: She could have won the judges attention by presenting herself more convincingly than the rest up to the end of the competition.

Medina, 26, rocked in her swimsuit but later, she changed into an emerald evening gown designed by Rhett Eala.

After the preliminaries, the contestants paraded in their national costumes.

Miss Universe host Steve Harvey asked Maxine the question, ‘What is the most significant change you’ve seen in the world in the last 10 years?’

Medina replied, ‘In the last 10 years of being here in the world, is that I saw all the people bringing in one event like this, Miss Universe. And it’s something big to us that we are one, as one nation we are all together.’

The Philippines’ bet to the Miss Universe pageant Maxine was the first up in the competition’s critical question-and-answer round, and here’s a look at what she said.

An interpreter asked Maxine the question in Filipino, but she answered in English.

The other candidates also faced tough questions related to world and current events. There were questions about the presidency of Donald Trump, the prevalence of violence in society, and the worldwide refugee crisis.

After the QnA round, the top 3 were announced: Miss Colombia, Miss France, and Miss Haiti, ending Maxine’s journey to the finals.