Nikki Gil is Enjoying a Charmed Life as a Married Woman

Coleen Garcia will soon tie the knot with boyfriend, Billy Crawford.

Billy also expresses his willingness to settle down with Coleen, whom he got close with, when the actress and model became one of the hosts of ‘It’s Showtime.’

Meanwhile, Billy has a former girlfriend, Nikki Gil but after five years, the two broke-up.

The news of their breakup shocked the entertainment media and fans alike because they were seen as an ideal couple, and it was hard to imagine how they could end up parting ways.

In an interview, Billy declared that the reason he and Nikki broke up was that he felt ‘lost’and confused.’

A question was asked to Nikki Gil, who was Billy’s former girlfriend of five years: if she is given the chance to tell something to Coleen about Billy:

Gil said that she will tell Coleen that Billy is a good person.

Since Nikki got married to BJ Albert in 2015, she has become less visible on television.

She said that she won’t quit showbiz, after her wedding in November 2015 but as of this date, the singer/actress/host has been enjoying her charmed life as a married woman.