JC de Vera Says ‘Strike While the Iron is Hot’

Some people claim success is a matter of luck but others say it’s all about what you invest to attain it.

Actor JC de Vera declares to have foregone the pleasure of having a personal life for work.

JC’s personal life is work. Although he’s busy, he’s still thankful because of many projects.

He says it is important to strike while the iron is hot.’

Whenever there are opportunities, grab them. He is even
game to do ‘lagare’ (multi-tasking) and taking on even more challenging roles.

When asked if he is already in a relationship? He just describes his love life as happy because he has a world outside of show business.

He is glad that there is a clear line between his career and personal life. He has his own identity, one that’s separate from his job.

People see him in the screen and that should be different from who he is in real life. The two cannot be the same, he explained.

The actor was previously linked to actress Jessy Mendiola, who is now dating Luis Manzano.

The actor also used to date actress LJ Reyes.