‘There’s No Basis for Martial Law Declation’ Says Ralph Recto

Senate Minority Leader Ralph Recto played down President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement about Martial Law.

Recto said it was just part of the President’s ‘oratorical repertoire.’

Pres. Duterte’s ‘indignant talk’ should be likened to a dog that always barks but seldom bites, said Recto.

Duterte’s remarks about martial law should be listed under his other threats.

He cited the President’s previous pronouncements that he would ride a jet ski to Spratly islands, and that he would feed the fish of Manila Bay with bodies of salvage victims.

The President renewed his threat of declaring martial law last January 14, should the drug problem become damaging.

Recto saw no basis for martial law declaration with the following justifications: Rebellion has been tamed, no foreign army is steaming towards our shores to invade us and as the President himself likes to brag, crime is down and the people are safe in their homes and communities.

He added that the present real enemies of the people are joblessness, hunger and poor social services and the armed forces Philippines cannot solve these problems.

Recto also hit Duterte’s statement that no one could stop him from declaring martial law. He said that such claim has no legal basis.