Billy Crawford & Coleen Garcia Have Decided to Tie the Knot on Summer 2018

Coleen Garcia is still on cloud nine over her engagement to boyfriend Billy Crawford.

The couple have been together for more than two years before
Billy popped the question to Coleen at a restaurant in Quezon City last December 21, 2016.

Asked if she had an inkling about Billy’s plan to propose marriage, Coleen had no idea that he would do so a day before they flew to Spain for Christmas vacation.

Coleen further said that she appreciates Billy’s effort to include her family in hatching his proposal plan.

Coleen said Billy always talks to her dad more than she talked to her dad.

Coleen’s dad and other family members and friends were present on the night the couple got engaged.

But the two had the chance to personally share the news to Coleen’s mom during their long holiday vacation in Spain, Barcelona, and Paris, France.

Billy and Coleen just arrived back in Manila last January 11.

Coleen said that she and Billy have decided to tie the knot on the first quarter of 2018 because summer is her favorite season and its favorite time of the year.

Since they have committed to their respective projects this year, Coleen added that she and Billy don’t want to feel ‘they’re in a hurry’ while planning their wedding.

Does she have any hesitation about tying the knot just when she’s at the peak of her showbiz career?

The 24-year-old actress replied, ‘well, I don’t think life should stop when you get married because we live in a modern world now, our audience is now more intelligent than that.

Billy Crawford & Coleen Garcia Have Decided to Tie the Knot
on Summer 2018