Sen. Tito Sotto Opposes the Giving of Condoms to High School Students

It would be a crime to encourage high school students to indulge in sex.

This is by giving them condoms, despite an executive order (EO) intensifying access to modern family planning, Senate Majority Leader Vicente Tito Sotto said.

Senator Sotto warned on the giving of condoms because according to him, this is a crime, encouraging high school students to indulge in sex.

President Rodrigo Duterte signed an Executive Order backing family planning, implementing the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act (RPRH) amid a Supreme Court temporary restraining order (TRO) on some provisions of the law.

Sotto welcomed Duterte’s move, noting that the TRO was only on ‘abortifacients’ and not on the law itself.

‘The real problem is the poor implementation of the RH law in the last four years. There is no TRO on the RH law! (excuses), he added.

In 2014, the high tribunal ruled that the RPRH was constitutional although it struck out certain provisions of the law.

It also issued a TRO in connection with the government’s procurement, selling, distributing and promoting contraceptive implants.

Sotto explained that under the law, ‘condoms and contraceptives are allowed and available.’

Asked then if the EO would now justify the Department of Health’s plan to distribute condoms in schools starting this school year, the senator said: the EO does not justify the DOH plan.

Why? Because high school students are under-aged and it’s a crime to encourage them to indulge in sex, he said.

The senator has been opposing the planned distribution of condoms to students as he even warned Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Rosell Ubial that she might not get the approval of the Commission on Appointments if she pushes through with the plan.