Coco Martin Plans to Produce On-line Series

Coco Martin plans to do an online series this year 2017.

Coco said that even if he will not star in it, he will create series because it is one way of helping more people in his own little way.

It will be online. It is possible that he will produce them and will show it at a later time.

Martin said he could seek help from his friends, directors and people from the movie industry, both mainstream and indie.

The good thing in this venture is that, he is promoting it already and it would be easier to penetrate the international market because this will be shown through the internet and can be watched from outside the country.

The actor also hopes to do a new FPJ film in the near future.

Coco’s current television series FPJ’s ‘Ang Probinsyano’ is also the most watched program in the Philippine TV at present.

He is currently the King of Primetime Drama, the King of Philippine Teleserye and the King of Philippine Television.