The Story Behind Richard Gomez & Lucy Torres’ Forbes Park’s Home

Convenience is one of the major considerations of couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres when they decide to live in their Forbes Park home.

The couple are not based here in Manila when Richard serves his first term as mayor of Ormoc and Lucy serves her second term as representative of Leyte’s fourth district.

But every time they go home to Leyte, it requires them 45 minutes from their house in Greenhills, San Juan and with the problem of traffic in Metro Manila, one hour of travel to the airport is not enough so they decided to transfer to Forbes Park.

Now, they need only 10 minutes for travel time to the airport and whenever they’re hungry there are so many restaurant and fast foods in Makati.

Their house is almost back to back with the house of
her neighbors with Manny Pacquiao , Sen. Loren Legarda and the Indonesian ambassador as well.

Lucy proudly shared that the design was a reflection of them as a couple, since they were the ones who put it together.

Most of the items that are found around the house have a story, either they were given as a gift from loved ones or they were purchased when they were still single.

The celebrity couple also opted to have an open-floor plan.

Architect Jay pointed out to the team the highlight of the house: the soundproofed windows courtesy of the German brand Pella.