Pres. Rodrigo Duterte is the ‘Most Googled Person in 2016’

President Duterte is now the ‘Most Googled Person in 2016’ not just in the country but also to the whole world.

Duterte’s name has become really popular not only in Philippines but also in some other countries.

The publication gave a statement that Duterte is commonly known for ‘waging a deadly war on drugs.’

Time magazine has posted the people were most curious about in over 160 countries based, basing on the data which search engine Google has provided.

Julio Guzman, was popular in Peru, he ran for presidency but was disqualified.

Lula da Silva in Brazil, who was indicted for alleged corruption and money laundering.

Another Olympic medalist, Mariana Pajon, was popular in Colombia.

In Singapore, people were most curious about swim champ, Olympic Gold medalist Joseph Schooling.

Leonardo DiCarpio, model Gigi Hadid in Montenegro, and actress Angelina Jolie in Tunisia are among the celebrities googled by most people in Morocco.

But the individual that has caught almost al the attention for most of the people around the world was none other than US President-elect Donald Trump.

Trump has become the top trending person in 88 countries this year, ‘far more places than anyone else in the world,’ the magazine explained.