Mayor Joseph Estrada Spends Christmas in the Hospital

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada may not be home for Christmas as he has been confined in the hospital since Wednesday due to pneumonia.

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada has been confined in the hospital due to pneumonia.

Estrada may not be home for Christmas because he has a hard time breathing and looks pale when he is brought to Cardinal Santos Hospital.

A pneumonia patient like Estrada’s age requires monitoring, so it may take a while before he can go home.

Estrada had been given antibiotics by his doctors and his condition is slowly improving, his son, JV Ejercito said.

Estrada underwent a knee surgery in Hong Kong in 2013.

He was then under hospital arrest and on trial for plunder at the Sandiganbayan antigraft court, which granted him permission to have the operation outside the country.

Estrada had made no special requests while confined at the hospital, saying he continued to run the affairs of the local government from there by sending instructions on the phone.