Lovi Poe Only Believes in Companionship

Is Lovi Poe ready to fall in love with a foreigner?

After months of speculations, actress Lovi gives a hint at status of relationship with French guy Chris Johnson.

Poe was posting a photo of them on Instagram with a meaningful caption but dismisses rumored relationship with that Filipino-French guy.

The actress said that he is a French-Filipino and she cannot say anything, he is only a friend who lives far away, so it is hard because she does not believe in long-distance relationship.

Lovi meant Chris had to travel to the Philippines. When asked if she was being courted by Chris?

Lovi replied that ‘courtship is like putting your best foot forward and she does not believe in that.’

Instead, she pointed out that she believe in companionship, because you get to know the person even more.

Lovi added that she’s fine with the current LDR-like setup (or whatever they call it) with Chris. They just communicate.

She explained, she does not want to get into anything right now but what she wants to do, is to take care herself first and work.

She had the worst case of long-distance relationship before. It was too hard and too painful, so she does not know.

Lovi just smiled when asked if she meant Ronald Singson, her boyfriend before.

Lovi was also in a relationship with Rocco Nacino in 2014 but only a month ago, they had a break-up.