Paul Jake & Kaye Abad’s Wedding is Almost a Secret Event

The groom is Chinese, he comes from a family that runs a business in Cebu City and the bride is pure Filipino.

There was no cultural difference that poses a hindrance of Paul Jake Castillo and Kaye Abad’s marriage which was solemnized at the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel in Cebu last Friday. ,

Paul Jake’s mother is a Filipina and besides Paul Jake grew up in both Chinese and Filipino customs and traditions.

Unlike in strict Chinese families, the parents usually practice the Chinese tradition of introducing their children to the children of another Chinese family, ‘kai siao’ (meaning introduction) after which the courtship would start.

Paul Jake and Kaye had been going steady for two years before he proposed to her on her birthday last May.

The couple were low-key, opting to keep their romance under control and allowing the media only a little peep into it.

Paul Jake and Kaye were still mum on details about what may be touted as The Wedding of the Year-end last December 10, the wedding day.

The guests were composed of ‘everybody who knew everybody.’ The wedding was kept so quiet, confined to the bride and groom’s family members and close friends, that it was almost a ‘secret.’

The reception was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cebu City.

Some of their star guests were John Prats and his wife Isabel Oli and his sister Camille Prats and Jason Abalos.

Paul Jake will let Kaye continue working as soon as they settle down to star their own family because ‘that’s the thing she loves to do, so why will he stop her?, Paul Jake said.