Luis Manzano is Now in a Relationship with Jessie Mendiola

Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola made it known on national television that they are now indeed a couple.

This is after seven months of courtship and dating when Luis and Jessy alluded to their relationship status by expressing their love for each other.

Luis made a show of their real-life romance with his sweet gestures towards Jessie.

The actor-host welcomed Jessie in his show and crept up behind Jessy and hugged her.

Although speechless, Jessy was all smiles throughout Luis’s antics.

And in the final round of the game, during Jessy’s turn, Luis unexpectedly dared the Kapamilya actress to confess her feelings for him.

Using his term of endearment for Jessy, the 35-year-old TV host asked if Jessie loves him.

Jessy was caught by surprise but she quickly recovered and said yes, because Luis made her happy.

But even before that, Jessy had already declared that Luis was the best gift that she received on her 23rd birthday last December 3.