Sarah Geronimo Promotes Her Album in ‘The Great Unknown’ Concert

Sarah Geronimo turned weepy, and eventually, buried her face in a sheet of tissue as her fans chanted her name.

It was Sarah’s recent show at the Kia Theatre which was meant to promote her 12th album, ‘The Great Unknown.’

It could sometimes be easy to over analyze the littlest of things she does in public like the sudden bursts of emotions, even the songs she chooses to do in her shows because she always keeps her personal life private.

During that time, the tears were prompted by nothing more than the joy of being onstage.

She cannot believe to her fans act like they do. She is so overwhelmed, very emotional, she said.

She thanked them and thanked God for being there. She is not worthy of that and their trust, Sarah said.

That night was very special because it was her first time to do a show that features all the songs from her latest album.

She has always wanted to do something like that because each song has a story to tell, she said.

It was a relaxed and intimate affair, with barely any costume changes or stage fripperies.

The repertoire was presented with delightfully stripped down arrangements.

And for the most part, Sarah simply remained seated on a stool, as she ticked off just about every track on ‘The Great Unknown.’

The record features a good mix of ballads and mid tempo tracks like the fervid ‘Ako’y Para Lamang sa ’Yo’ and the breezy, ’90s R&B-inflected ‘Baby You’re the Reason,’ and upbeat, electronic pop ditties, including the peppy ‘Sabi Mo sa Akin’ and the rock-tinged ‘Misteryo.’

The pop princess recalled how her dreams started and how she dealt with the people who did not believe in her in the beginning.