Matteo Guidicelli Says Some People are not in Favor with His Relationship with Sarah Geronimo

Mateo Guidicelli shared that he comes across some people who are not in favor of his relationship with Geronimo.

Guidicelli sometimes responds to his basher on line.

He said that his relationship with Geronimo is not a game, not showbiz and it is not a love team but it is something real.

Sometimes, he just laugh it off and does not treat them seriously.

He admits that his relationship with Geronimo is his longest one by far.

The actor said he is just happy to be with someone who does nothing but inspire him.

Sarah is one of the few that inspires him to do a show and to do his work.

She’s an inspiration and that’s more than enough for him.

As to the possibility of working with Geronimo in the future,

People have been asking as to the possibility of him, working with Sarah in the future?

He said there are offers but he does not think so.

They are not a love team, not a couple because of the industry but a couple in real life.

They are two people who love each other and they want to be together in the future and want to keep that separately.

Guidicelli and Geronimo have been a couple for over three years now.