Pres. Rorigo Duterte Feels Uncomfortable with Leni Robredo’s Political Action

Palace says President Rodrigo Duterte is no longer comfortable working with vice President Leni Robredo.

Duterte felt uncomfortable with the political actions of Robredo, encouraging him to issue a desist order for the vice president from attending all Cabinet meetings.

Robredo did not support many of Duterte’s campaign promises which have since become his most controversial policies like the summary killing of drug suspects, now over 5,000 in five months, the burial of the 27-year-old remains of Marcos at Libingan, and the proposed restoration of the death sentence.

There should be no open disagreement between the President and any member.

If such disagreement exists it should be kept within the Cabinet and kept from inflaming the media and the public.

Moreover, Robredo may be proved right and DU30 wrong.

Many others may oppose Duterte’s key policies, as they in fact appear to but no Cabinet member should openly oppose those policies without first quitting the Cabinet.

This is the universal rule and this is where Robredo failed.

She had naively assumed that as Vice President she could be exempt from the universal practice because the VP is exempt, under the Constitution, from having to be confirmed in her Cabinet post by the Commission on Appointments.