Ronnie Dayan Leaves Phone & Watch Before Capture in Farmer’s House

A farmer-couple had turned over a mobile phone and a wristwatch left by Dayan in their house before his capture last November 22.

Augustine and Cristina Dingcog had confirmed that Dayan slept in their house at Sitio Bato in Barangay Lacong.

The farmers gave the Samsung Galaxy Y with a Smart SIM card and the Festina silver watch to Lacong Barangay Chairman Dominador Lilan at around 10:30 a.m. on November 25, 2016.

Dayan’s phone contained contact numbers of some prominent government officials like senators, congressmen, board members, police officers and others.

The inbox contained text messages sent to his family and other personalities.

Dayan’s cellphone could serve as evidence of recent transactions with a number of personalities while he was hiding in the mountains of San Gabriel.

This will also counter the statements of Dayan during the House inquiry on November 24 that he had no cellphone while he was in hiding, and had no communications with de Lima and his wife Norilyn or other relatives.

Dayan’s supposed friends Daniel Dingcog and Reynaldo Espe said that de Lima’s ex-bodyguard, whom they knew as ‘Dodong,’was always busy answering his cellphone, especially when he was already drunk.

They often heard Dayan talking to a certain ‘Ma’am’ and his ‘love’ to his cellphone, asking for help and advice about his problem.

They did not ask him what his problem was, Daniel said in the Ilocano language.

Daniel also claimed he saw red and white cars believed to be owned by Dayan, which were used by Dayan’s wife and nephew Jomar each time they visited him in his hideout in September, October and in the first week of November.

He also claimed he had heard Dayan talking to ‘Ma’am’ asking for money.

Daniel said he used to accompany Dayan to Bacnotan town to buy rice and groceries and to get money from the ATM where
Dayan always wear a jacket and a cap.

He said he had also accompanied Dayan to the Bacnotan cockpit arena, bringing along fighting cocks.