Some Celebrities Earn 1.2B from Yolanda Funds?

A congressman from Negros Occidental told local radio station in Bacolod that he surrendered from the Liberal Party because of’lavish spending of people’s money’?

Their local politicians who needed funds for their campaign were left behind because the party had prioritized Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo.

He said further that the overspending on useless celebrity endorsements is just unacceptable.

Meanwhile, Roxas affirmed that celebrities who endorsed him are not paid and they are doing it willfully.

Despite Roxas explanation, veteran showbiz talk show host and reporter Cristy Fermin rebutted the claim, saying celebrities are paid as much as 20 million each for their endorsements.

Fermin mentions Kathryn Bernardo as one example, who allegedly got 20 million.

Bernardo’s move allegedly angered INC and led her expulsion from the powerful religious group.

Roxas celebrity endorsers were composed of ABS-CBN talents headed by Kris Aquino, Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Karla Abellana and Ruffa Mae Quinto.

The solon said that they have no problem of supporting their presidential bet but he is spending people’s money that was intended for Yolanda victims and that they cannot take it.