Is Leila Delima Liable for Adultery?

Senator Leila DeLima’s admission of her affair with Ronie Dayan validated the President’s accusation that the senator had ‘committed unlawful and immoral acts.

The Chief Legal Counsel of President Rodrigo Duterte, Salvador Panelo said that Delima’s admission opens her to a criminal charge of adultery, her lover being a married man.

Delima has also herself to blame for the present destructive predicament she is in,’ Panelo said further that the confession also ‘put a lie to her pretended protestations of innocence and her cry of being a victim of persecution.’

It will open her to expulsion proceedings by the Senate ethics committee for immorality and grave misconduct in office, apart from opening herself to disbarment proceedings as a member of the bar for immorality and unethical conduct, he added.

Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre affirmed that De Lima and Dayan virtually acted as common-law wife and husband during their special relationship.

It might explain how an ordinary bodyguard and driver was able to act as her collector for alleged contributions to her senatorial campaign.

Aguirre ordered his staff to obtain a copy of De Lima’s TV interview to bolster the cases filed by the NBI against the senator for violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act, corruption and breach of ethics.

Aguirre also said that De Lima’s admission would bolster the disbarment case filed against her by Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption, which cited not only her alleged ties to the drug trade but also her illicit relationship with a married man.

The case for her disbarment for immorality is now stronger because the complainants don’t have to prove anything because she herself admits to cohabit with a married man. Even if they say Dayan and his wife are separated, the case is still strong because they are not yet annulled. The Supreme Court has disbarred many lawyers for less case of immorality,” Aguirre said.