Snooky Serna is Still Hoping to Marry Again

Snooky hopes to marry, for a third time, her 60-year-old beau

Snooky admits that she is a hypocrite if she says that she does not care anymore whether or not she marries again.
She is hoping, ‘especially if you think you’ve found the man of your dreams,’ said Snooky.

She is currently in ‘a fairly new’ relationship with a businessman.

‘You say these kinds of things when you’re in love. And well, maybe I am! I’m praying that he’s the one.’

The only thing that could probably get in the way is the couple’s difference in faith.

Snooky said she wouldn’t be able to tie the knot with this boyfriend, unless he joins Iglesia ni Cristo, in which the former child star has been with since 2011.

But though she remains hopeful, Snooky stressed that she wouldn’t force her partner to convert.

She hopes that with his noble intentions, he gets ‘called.’ But she does not want him to join the Iglesia simply because of her.

She would rather think that the man does it on his own volition.

Snooky has been married twice in the past: first, to actor Ricardo Cepeda, and then to musician Niño Mendoza.

But she is very thankful that he’s respectful of her beliefs. He even accompanies her when they have activities, or when she has to attend worship services, she related.

She is 50; her boyfriend, whom she didn’t want to name, is 60 and the actress said ‘age does not matter.’

‘As long as your minds and hearts meet and if you have the connection, then there’s really no issue about it. It’s all about personality, experience and character,’ she said.

She is fortunate that her partner is mature, supportive of her and confident.

As for Snooky’s relationship with Ricardo Cepeda, with whom she was married for 12 years, before getting annulled back in 2006 the actress said they’re civil to each other.

They are now happy with their own lives.