Pres Rodrigo Duterte Confirms Leila de Lima Will Really Go to Jail

President Rodrigo Duterte is confident that Liela de Lima, his fiercest critic would land in jail.

Duterte said De Lima would be pinned down by the testimonies of the National Bilibid Prisons (NBP) inmates who accused her of receiving money from drug lords.

Now that she (De Lima) is in trouble,

Delima wants to drag the president, now that she is in trouble.

‘She will really go to jail because of the testimonial evidence,’ Duterte is sure of it.

The president said, during the induction of the oath taking of the officers of the MalacaƱang Press Corps, the MalacaƱang Cameramen Association and the Presidential Photojournalists Association.

‘She will be jailed when everybody says, five (witnesses) could say that they contributed money. So on a national scale….. who brought in the narco politics? It is here already,’ he further said.

The president said that there are ‘plenty’ of non-bailable cases related to drugs may be filed against the senator, who has been critical of his brutal war on narcotics.

The president said “plenty” of non-bailable cases related to drugs may be filed against the senator, who has been critical of his brutal war on narcotic

De Lima has been accused of receiving millions of drug money to fund her senatorial campaign when she was justice secretary. In previous speeches, Duterte said De Lima’s affair with his former driver Ronnie Dayan made her violate the law and grant special privileges to drug lords at the NBP.

De Lima has been a critic of Duterte even before he assumed the presidency.

When she was chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights, De Lima launched investigations on Duterte’s link with the Davao Death Squad, a vigilante group blamed for the killing of criminals in the city during Duterte’s time as a mayor of Davao City.

De Lima was ousted by the Senate as justice committee chairperson due to her supposed bias against Duterte.

Under de Lima’s watch, the committee launched an inquiry on the killing of suspected drug personalities.

On the other hand, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II is also eyeing charges against Sen. Leila De Lima for her alleged links to the drug trade inside National Bilibid Penitentiary Bilibid.

Aguirre said the De Lima may face cases for violations of the laws against illegal drugs and graft practices based on affidavits of witnesses, among whom are convicted drug lords locked up at Bilibid.

It went to Delima’s head when she was chairman of the (Commission on) Human Rights, somebody might have told her that she can become a president or senator.

Duterte said that ‘her ambition was good but her sexuality put her down, she would be ‘finished’ once her intimate video surfaces,’ Duterte added.

Meanwhile, Delima dismissed the allegations of the witnesses as a ‘sham’ demolition campaign staged by the administration.

De Lima is conducting a separate Senate inquiry into drug related killings.

The probe’s last session presented a confessed hired gun who claimed Duterte has ordered the deaths of thousands in Davao City.

De Lima earlier said she has received information that several inmates were accessed by the administration to fabricate testimonies and evidence against her.