Bollywood of India Offers Lotlot de Leon a Movie Project

Lotlot de Leon brought home a movie offer from Bollywood after she received an international acting award.

De Leon’s movie ‘1st Sem,’ won the best picture in the section for debuting directors at the All Lights India International Film Festival, held last month in Hyderabad, India.

The actress also scoured a special acting award as a bonus.
Lotlot said that even the jurors from the other categories commended them and kept asking for copies of their film.

After the red-carpet event, Lotlot confessed that she wanted to do cartwheels out of sheer happiness.

When her name was announced as recipient of a special acting honor, Lotlot was stunned speechless.

She was surprised because there were no acting categories in the festival and she was the only one who was given an award from all the entries.

The jurors explained that it was for her exceptional portrayal of the film that they just could not allow her performance to go unnoticed. Ms Lotlot was on the verge of tears onstage.

Dexter Hemedez, the director was just as emotional upon winning the top prize in the debuting directors’ category. He said his hands were shaking as he received the trophy.

They related that a number of viewers approached them after the premiere.

The students admitted that they were able to relate with the lead character and they asked for snapshots with Ms Lotlot and her costar Darwin Yu, who played her son in the movie.

‘1st Sem’ tells the story of an overprotective mom who cannot let go of her son, who’s leaving home for college.

The mothers in the audience cried and sought out Lotlot after the screening.

India is such a blessing for all of them and it was truly a memorable experience, Lotlot said.