Sharon Cuneta Would Have Married Robin Padilla

Sharon Cuneta shed tears several times during her concert comeback held at the Solaire last October 15, 2016.

Cuneta was back in top form on the Manila stage during her Sharon at Solaire concert held at the Solaire Resort and Casino.

She looked slimmer and also joked about her weight loss achievements, Sharon’s first Manila concert–in four years–is an intimate, entertaining event that sees the Megastar being candid and honest about her personal struggles (after turning 50 this year) and her professional struggles, having been in show business for 38 years.

During the concert, the storm, Bagyong Karen was currently making landfall over Luzon.

Sharon also revealed she almost married Robin Padilla after she sang ‘Maging Sino Ka Man’ while reminiscing of her personal and professional relationship with Robin Padilla, her co-star in the blockbuster movie of the same title.

Sharon did that movie with this guy named Robinhood. That’s his real name.

She just came from a break up, that never-ending break-up, and her other breakups.

It was her first break-up when they they shot this movie. They had so much fun and fell in love. She would have married him but found out that someone’s pregnant so she had to leave.

the relationship for lasted 2 months and it gave her beautiful memories and they are very good friends. (That experience) gave her the beautiful song from Rey Valera.’