Coco Martin Reveals DNA Test Result of His Alleged Child

Coco Martin is one of the most popular bachelor and primetime TV actor.

For the very first time, Coco revealed the controversial results of the DNA test of his alleged child who is out of wedlock.

In an exclusive interview with the actor, he subjected himself to a DNA test to confirm whether that child of sexy actress Katherine Luna is his.

Based upon the DNA test which was previously reported the results turned out to be negative.

It means that he is not the father of Katherine’s son.

It only brought back painful memories when she painted him as an ‘irresponsible father.’

He felt sorry for the child of Katherine and noted that because of the harsh things that Katherine told him, his grandmother is now afraid to go out because of Coco’s irresponsibility as a father.

After the DNA testing, it is now cleared that he is not the real father.

Luna’s child is already eight years old now. Martin and Luna knew each other during their early days in showbiz.

The two did various movies together in the independent film industry.

However, Coco said that they were never a couple and they never lived together during those times.