Mylene Dizon Hopes for a Lasting Relationship with Jason Webb

Mylene Dizon hopes relationship with Jason Webb will be for longer time.

Dizon and Webb have been going out for 10 months now, but the actress clarifies that they have yet to talk about tying the knot.

Their relationship is running smoothly and also Jason’s relationship with the 2 children of Mylene with Paolo Paraiso.

The actress said that a relationship is a relationship, whether you’re an artist or not. She is no longer a teenager and has no no more image to hide.

Jason, is a former Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) player and now TV analyst. He is the son of Freddie Webb and the brother of Pinky Webb.

Mylene attended the gala night of her Indie film, a Cinemalaya entry, ‘Ang Mariquina’, held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, last August 4.

Mylene was with Jason and Mylene’s children when they attended the said event.

She feels very lucky to have bagged the role. She really wants to do something for Cinemalaya again and to do another independent film with a script that she really likes.

When the role was offered to her, she fell in love with it.

It was first offered to Judy Ann Santos but she back out and Mylene felt lucky that she got the role.