Sen. Cayetano Asks Where is The List of Killings During the Pres Pnoy’s Time?

In his opening speech in the Senate Inquiry, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano asked why they had no ‘kill list’ why they didn’t create a kill list during the Pnoy administration?

Alan also wondered the labelling of all killings as “Extrajudicial” and he is worried that the war against illegal drugs’ may be affected by the said senate hearing.

Are they using the term extrajudicial killing to discredit the PNP and the Duterte administration? the senator asked the Senators?

He also told the Senate that at this point in time, the citizens are already very happy with the ongoing operation of Duterte’s administration against illegal drugs and that people support the anti-drug war of the president in which the criminals don’t like.

The law enforces need the Senate’s support and back-up in the form of more benefits or incentives than being investigated.

The ordinary police only gets P14,000 as monthly basic salary. Some of them also died in line with their duty and yet the Senate did not do something, create measures or investigate to help the police.

He also observes that the respect and fear for the law has been restored under the current administration of president Digong.