Andi Eigenmann Exchanges Remarks With Jake Ejercito on Twitter

The exchanges of remarks all started when Jake Ejercito made a post toward Andi Eigenmann. He said that the actress is using him to promote her upcoming movie “Camp Sawi,” a film about girls trying to mend their broken hearts in a camp.

Responding to Ejercito’s post Andi answered and said that she never needed Jake in her life for anything and to promote a film that she is part of. Andi only answered questions about her past, and her true feelings because she was merely asked. Why is it wrong to answer based on her feelings, Jacklyn Jose’s daughter wrote.

Fans were surprised after their heated Twitter exchanges where Ejercito posted a lengthy tweet, accusing Eigenmann of using his name in promoting her movie.

Eigenmann also defended herself that it was normal for the media to ask the main characters about their past romance—and since the movie title asks for it, it includes all their past failed relationships.

Jake Ejercito is the son of former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada and former actress Laarni Enriquez.

Andi further stressed that she has four other beautiful, sexy and talented co-stars like Arci Muñoz, Yassi Pressman, Bela Padilla, and Kim Molina and that they are all they need to promote the movie. All the said ladies’ past relationships were mentioned and Ejercito was the only one who reacted.

Moreover, the actress said she holds no regrets in answering Jake’s accusation because she merely stood up for herself and that is something she will not apologize for.

The former couple have known each other since they were small and committed themselves into a relationship in their adulthood. Nevertheless, they finally ended their on-again-off-again relationship in 2014.