Sarah Geronimo & Matteo Guidicelli Have Plans of Settling Down

In a recent press conference for Matteo Guidicelli’s weekly show, “Single/Single,” on Cinema One, he revealed that Sarah has a mansion but she does not own a condo.

The actor gave this statement in denying the rumor that he and Sarah were already living together in a condo unit. He said there were even talks that they were already engaged and that people were giving him text messages, congratulating and sending him best wishes. Those were all hearsay, he quipped.

Nevertheless, they talk about settling down but they still have a lot to do for their respective careers. If the engagement is meant to happen, it will happen. He prays that things will go well for them.

With regard to his relationship with Sarah’s parents,
he said that he and Sarah’s parents are okay and they are working on it.

Matteo also denied the rumor that he was using girlfriend Sarah to promote himself and his projects.

They are public personalities and photos of them together circulate because there will always be people who take their pictures anywhere they go. Those pictures are not coming from his camp, Matteo added.

The two were last seen together at an international hot air balloon festival in Lubao, Pampanga. They did not celebrate any occasion but they just went there because it was a free day. He blocked off that day because his schedule had been so hectic that he felt he needed to relax, he explained.

Matteo works every day and has been so busy. Whenever they have the time, he and Sarah always try to see each other.

They keep their career and personal life separate and when they are together, they talk about life outside their work.

Matteo’s project “Single/Single” also features Shaina Magdayao. It airs every Sunday on Cinema One.