Why Ara Mina Does Not Want to Tie a Knot With Someone

Ara Mina, whose real name is Hazel Reyes, said that she used to date often. She had numerous men in her life but as a showbiz personality, marriage is not that important to her since dating becomes just part and parcel of her life.

She also feels that marriage is just only a social acceptance.

Ara has dated numerous personalities before and had entered a yearly relationship with some showbiz personalities like jomari Yllana in 2004, Polo Ravales in 2006, Manny Pacquiao in 2007 etc. The only one man whom she dated was not from showbiz industry is that Raymond Yap, a chinese guy and a scion of the Manila Bulletin owners. She had a date with him in the year 2010.

She has has also been in relationship for a longer period of time with Bulacan Mayor Patrick Meneses but has separated with him due to some personal issues. The couple had a child name Amanda Gabrielle.

Although fans might feel happy if she decides to patch up things with the politician, the actress thinks that marriage is not a destiny in her life and has no idea about this commitment because she is busy in her work, in raising her child and she has no longer time to give a view about married life.

Moreover, the sexy actress feels that she has lots to do in her career than thinking about all those stuffs.