KC Concepcion’s Grandma Passes Away

Sharon’s mother and KC Concepcion’s grandma, Elaine Cuneta died.

Elaine was former beauty queen and actress passed away on Wednesday. She was 79.

KC, her granddaughter broke the news on her Twitter account. She said that she just lost the love of her life today. Her Mita Elaine will forever be the best grandma ever. She will forever be with her and she loves her.

According to Concepcion, her grandmother has been hospitalized for nearly two months and was set to undergo surgery on November 6. The actress also revealed that her grandmother had to be confined at the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Concepcion, who has been very vocal about her closeness to her grandmother, also shared a photo of her grandmother on her Instagram account with a caption: ‘I will miss you laughing this much, this way. I shared so many fun times with you that I will recreate forever. You are my sunshine, Mita.’