Matteo Guidicelli Denies Rift With Sarah Geronimo

Matteo Guidicelli, an actor-triathlete denies that he had a rift with girlfriend Sarah Geronimo.

Geronimo was not allowed by her parents to go to Cebu to support Matteo in the third edition of Ironman 70.3, known also as Half Ironman.

Matteo did not want to talk about his love life, though, because he said that it would be better to keep that aspect of his life private.

He added that they are both fine with their relationship.

In fact, Matteo even posted a photo of him on Instagram where he thanked his family, coaches, fans and his most beautiful girlfriend.

Sarah was named as YES! Magazine’s Most Beautiful Celebrity in 2014.

However,there were some reports that said that Sarah was feeling down because of the weather during the event.

It was the reason why she was not able to support her boyfriend.

Matteo said he was not well-prepared for the challenge because his body was not ready for it.

He was in the States for four weeks because he had shows there and he did not have the time to train well for Half Ironman.

He only had four weeks for the preparation.

Although he did his best, Matteo admitted it was very hard for him.

There are two things he likes about the triathlon, he gets to meet a lot of people and second, the sports is very healthy for him.

Ryan Agoncillo, whose wife Judy Ann is a close friend of Sarah, also competed in the same Ironman challenge.

Matteo said they train together and they hang out as a group.

Matteo said Sarah is quite busy these days because she has so many things on her plate.

Meanwhile, Matteo was featured by YES! Magazine in the Fit & Fab category.

He thanked YES! for including him in the list.

The actor was also very proud of Sarah when she was named the most beautiful.

He always tells her she is beautiful but she does not believe him.

Now, Matteo said the whole country and the whole world knows, so Sarah has to believe it already.