Mark Neumman Likes Sarah Geronimo

Mark Neumman is stars trucked when he sees Sarah Geronimo.

Neumman is a TV5 talent and a part of ‘Artista Academy.

This was the first time Mark became a part of the 100 Most Beautiful list, and he did not deny that Sarah has been his longtime crush.

He also admitted that he finds morena girls more beautiful than mestiza ones.

She is a beautiful person and she deserves to be called as such.

Aside from Sarah, she’s also smitten by Iza Calzado, who he also saw for the first time in the said event.

Mark said, though, that Iza’s and Sarah’s beauty are different, and he still finds Sarah the more beautiful of the two.

He lived and worked in London for a long time and he met there a lot of girls with the same physical attributes as Iza.

No matter where you look there, you will find someone who resembles Iza.

Mark said he has gotten used already to Caucasian girls and he prefers Pinay beauties.

He is very particular about Sarah because she is not only beautiful but also very simple and carries herself well.

One of his wishes is to work with Sarah in the future.

He does not even aim to be her leading man but he just wants to work with her in a project, Mark said he always watches her movies.

He is still in contract with TV5 for two years, so he is sure it will be a long shot before he is allowed to work with the Popstar Princess.

Mark is busy with his show, he was last seen in ‘Confession of a Torpe’ with Ogie Alcasid and the TV movie ‘Lady Next Door’ with Alice Dixson.