Melissa Ricks Is Really Pregnant?

It is true that Melissa Ricks is pregnant?

Ricks who is 24 and who rose to fame as one of the finalists of ABS-CBN’s ‘Star Circle Quest,’ finally confirmed on Wednesday that she is pregnant.

The actress said that she is now four months and two weeks into her pregnancy and is hoping to find out the sex of the baby on her next checkup.

She is not hiding her pregnancy but it is just that nobody asked and she was looking for the right timing when to tell people.

All her friends know, her parents also know.

Ricks’ pregnancy made headlines early this week when Star Magic, which handles her career, confirmed the rumors to ABS-CBN.

She found out that she is pregnant when Ricks initially thought she was only suffering from over-fatigue or food poisoning after spending time with friends in Boracay last Labor Day.