Meagan Aguilar Regrets Being The Daughter Of Freddie Aguilar

Maegan Aguilar regrets being the daughter of OPM icon Freddie Aguilar.

It was following an argument which she alleged ended with her father and her family getting thrown out of their home in Quezon City.

Maegan detailed the alleged argument over rotten vegetables and how her father appeared to be enraged as he told her to leave and to find a place in a hotel.

The younger Aguilar said she is dismayed with the decision of her father, as it also affected her 6-month-old and 3-year-old children.

Maegan explained that it has been challenging to find a place to stay after she and her kids were supposedly sent out on the streets by Aguilar last May 12.

She alleged that Aguilar’s attitude worsened when he started to live with his 17-year-old wife, whom he married in Islamic rites last November.

Maegan accused her father and his wife of living like a king and queen while his grandchildren could not eat properly under his roof.

Admitting that her statement of support for the controversial relationship last year was a lie, Maegan expressed disgust at her father’s wife.

Maegan also denied that she and her partner are jobless and that they are relying on the income of his father.

She admitted, however, that she earns little from the job she has at her father’s club.

Explaining her decision to bring the dispute to the media, Maegan said she no longer has anyone to turn to for help and claimed that she fears for her life.

In a statement given to ABS-CBN News on Monday, the veteran folk singer only said that those who live with him, including Maegan, know the truth, and that he has no plans of saying anything further about his daughter’s allegations out of love for her.