Wowie de Guzman Admits He Is Still At A Loss

Widowed actor-dancer Wowie de Guzman bravely admit that he is still at a loss as to how he would move on after his wife Sheryl mysteriously died.

De Guzman’s wife passed away after taking painkillers last April 29.

However, what was clear for him during his live appearance on Buzz ng Bayan’s Sunday episode is that he is not using the incident as a vehicle to revive his showbiz career.

Questions and suspicions further surrounded his wife’s death after Wowie and Sheryl’s family opted not to have her body autopsied to determine what really caused her death.

The former dancer explained that even until this moment, a day after his wife was laid to rest in Pampanga, they are still yet to decide as to whether they want her remains to be autopsied or not.

Since news of his wife’s death broke out, Wowie had been very open in admitting that a huge part of his life has been taken away from him.

With his wife’s untimely death, Wowie says he now draws strength to move forward from his one month old daughter Alex Rafeal.